About Us

Founder Introduction


Chairman Jack Huwas was born in Fujian and graduated from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. He has been

engaged in the eyewear foreign trade business for 13 years since 2007. He has accumulated a wealth of personal

connections and overseas customer groups. With his rich experience in the industry, he has great expertise in the eyewear

industry and market. With a very keen insight ability, in order to meet the “new retail and new demands” of the market,

Jonsun glasses company will be established in 2019, integrating domestic and foreign industrial resources, and will develop

a more comprehensive product line and global market.

Amy Huanggeneral manager, joined the industry in 2008 and has been engaged in eyewear foreign trade sales for 12

years. Foreign trade involves more than 30 countries. He has strong market analysis skills, communication skills and

excellent marketing and sales skills. He has very rich overseas resources. With an understanding of the professional

knowledge and operation of the optical industry, he served as the general manager of Junxuan Optical Company,

responsible for formulating the company’s overall operation and market strategy, and establishing the company’s

efficient organization and operation system

Company Profile


Guangzhou Jonsun Glasses Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou. It is a fashion glasses company

with its own brand, multiple authorized and agency brands. It is market-oriented and quality is

the life philosophy. It opens a new retail model and will develop a more comprehensive The

product line, including glasses, clothing, bags, watches, beauty, accessories and jewelry, etc.,

with light luxury as the main line of the brand, designing elegant, refined, stylish and simple,

comfortable to wear light luxury products, which are fashionable for urbanites Encyclopedia.